Social Commitment

To have the most significant impact, our social responsibility commitment blends financial contributions and the volunteer help around the Peninsula. In addition, many of our friend and guests are actively engaged in our community, working alongside us or raising funds for some projects (in special “Arte Mainha” and “Escolinha do Cajueiro“).
  • Prioritizing employment for local workforce;
  • Financial support the “Festival da Tainha” (an event that happens on the end of May, when lots of Tainha (fish) are available in this area);
  • Financial support to Sarau (an event that happens during the weekends of September);
  • Financial support to the Church, monthly;
  • Financial support to Jiu-Jitsu athletes and sports;
  • Financial support to “Recyclable Collection” practice;
  • Support to activities like “Jogue Limpo”;
  • Support to  “Escolinha do Cajueiro;
  • Support to “Arte Mainha” Project – a social Project focused on helping families to get closer to the students’ school and learning. Some mothers, women, grandmas and young volunteers were leaded by Simone de Freitas who was able to show them her knowledge and love for handmade products in a harmonic social relationship. For further information about this social project, click here.

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