Barra Grande is the main entrance to the Marau Peninsula for those who choose to reach this paradise crossing the Camamu Bay with its calm, clean and warm water.

Arriving at Barra Grande may shock you!!! And you must be prepared to take the camera out from the bag, once more, and take the first postcard from your visit.

From the middle of this big bay, you will see many and many native coconuts trees boarding this amazing area. There are plenty of them… On the left, you will find Ponta do Mutá that separates the bay from the Atlantic Ocean. In front of you, you will find this charming village with the arms and heart opened to host you on the best Bahia style and enchant you with its sand covering the way that guides you to the inns, restaurants and homes…

Wherever you go, you will find sand and flowers…. Trees and fruits… enchanting and helpful people… coconuts trees… plenty of them….

The charming village hosts proud-natives and those who came from all around the world, felt so in love that decided to settle down, in this small paradise. This mix of races, cultures and objectives reflects on the day-by-day of every one but does not change the harmony of this old fishing village and benefits the restaurants, bars, shops and inns.

The village has no intention of becoming a tourist center but, Barra Grande is, all around the Peninsula, the place that offers the best inns, restaurants and bars.

Exquisite menus (Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish…) and local flavors (moquecas, tapiocas, acarajés and dendê) are available and offers to you unique gastronomic experiences…

Inserted between the Atlantic Ocean and Camamu Bay, the Marau Peninsula is a narrow strip of land that offers you a number of natural and cultural attractions to be visited by land or boat.


Taipus de Fora

Off-road trip by Jardineira

Bike, walk and all-terrain vehicle adventure

Board escunas (wooden-made sailing ships), fast boats (charter) or fishermen boat (charter)

Tremembé Waterfall


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